My Dog Peanut

I have the best dog in the world and her name is Peanut.  Here are the reasons of why I think she is the best dog in the world. She protects me when I am scared. She has the softest fur in the world.  Finally, she always gives me kisses when I am sad.  I love my dog Peanut.



Camp Lincoln


When I was at Camp Lincoln, I had the best time ever, but the thing I had the most fun with was making tea on the nature trail. We got are ingredients from needles, blueberries, and a cucumber leaf. After we made it, we got to drink it. It tasted scrumptious. Then we wrote in our writers notebook on a big cliff.  It was so beautiful. On are way back from the cliff we got to look at the goats. They were so soft.  The play set that they were in was amazing. Then we were on are way back from the goats.  It was a long trip but a really fun one too. Then we finally got back to the camp site. Then we looked over the edge.  There was a big pool inside of a lake.  It looked beautiful.  Then shortly later, it was time to go.  Everyone got onto the bus and waved goodbye to the counselors.